Bergson and the Holographic​ Theory of Mind

  In 1896, in Matter and Memory, Henri Bergson anticipated the essence of Gabor's 1947 discovery of holography by fifty years, and Bohm's (1980) later generalization to the universe itself  as being a holographic field.   In Matter and Memory, he viewed the brain as creating a modulated reconstructive wave passing through the external holographic field, specifying, or specific to, a subset of that field as an image  - my coffee cup, the kitchen table, the stirring spoon. 

​        This site has books of mine, journal articles and conference talks on Bergson, his holographic model of the brain and mind, his solution to the "hard problem" of consciousness (which in truth is the problem of the origin of the image of the external world), his model of time and the problems of the relativistic interpretation of time,  his close relation to the great theorist of perception, J. J. Gibson, his deep and inherent critique of the AI /computer model of brain and mind and the notion of any imminent  "singularity"
​ ...and some other stuff.